Let's be friends!


Hello! Let's get acquainted!


I'll tell you a little about myself. My name is Katya, at the moment I live in the very beautiful and beloved city of St. Petersburg. I am an illustrator, so the blog will be mainly about this. I draw in different techniques and with different materials, but now I have focused mainly on digital illustrations and watercolors. Mostly children’s, merry and funny pictures, the same as me :-)


Why do I love the illustration so much? For a magic world. It just so happened that my head is square from a huge number of ideas. Before that I had no life - I did not know where to apply all these ideas. (Here it should be said a huge "thank you" to my family and friends for the extreme patience during my "trial and errors.") And now I can realize all my imagination by drawing. If I want - I draw a crocheted tail, or  a hump in fence shape. It's even more interesting!

Although it is probably difficult to say that I don't like drawing something. I like drawing everything, especially the unknown. At first it’s always scary to approach, you delay the start time. It seems that there are so many more important things to do and so many important thoughts to rethink. Then one day you are going to somewhere in transport (it doesn’t matter, in a train or as a passenger the car, but most importantly, not as a driver) and here you get the idea of ​​illustration! And now everything is already at work, and you are like this: “Why did I delay? It’s so interesting here!”

Drawing is my passion. I think about it constantly, even if I don’t draw. And I’m very glad that life gave me such a gift. I dreamed to have my own passion for a long time. And now - ta-dam - I already know what brushes and paper I need, how to use photoshop and ! some fans of my works!


Now I have 3 children's books in process and an online store in the future. I will definitely share everything that has been worked, and everything that has boiled during the process. And I will be glad if you also share with me information about you: what is your passion? What do you want to talk about? Well, where is the snow when it is midwinter already?


Warm greetings to all ,

Katya Zolina