“AAAAAh, run, faster!” Faster! ”Oh, this artist can draw such hair! I want the same skill! AAAh, look what this illustrator is doing with the colors! And I urgently need to learn this. Free time, where are you? ”

What do we really need? Why are we running? And most importantly: where? 

As the Queen of Harts says in 'Alice in Wonderland': “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” 

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I love to draw and run. While I run, I think over everything. Then I run home and draw it. For me, this is meditation. Well, and the forms are getting better.


There is running in drawing too. Every day, for several hours.


Be familiar - Mr. Marathon!


Why is it needed? Who needs it? When is it needed? (you can insert any question word)

Everyone needs him. Sometimes. A good shake won't hurt anyone.


How can we be grateful to  the drawing marathons (no matter which ones):


1. .Pumping of your skills;

2. The visibility of works and techniques of other participants

3. The need to fit into the time frame (good job! After each deadline you need to treat yourself!)

4. Perhaps there will be new brilliant work for the portfolio

5. There will definitely be fans of your work


What we don't really like about marathons:


1. how to do everything in time?

2. How to draw this theme?

3. Inspiration came half an hour before the deadline

4. Regularity seems to be good. But we are artists, routine is not our story!

5. Well, a bunch of excuses


I drew only three marathons. The first was watercolor marathon about Sherlock Holmes series. I got up at 5 in the morning and painted while the children were sleeping. The youngest was 2 months old, the oldest 2 years. And I was after surgery. Now I think that I was probably crazy. That was time when everybody had understood that. Not the point.

I did not succeed much. I wanted to tear everything into small pieces. But I didn’t have time to redraw. It was only 2-3 hours in the morning and that’s all. But I could and drew everything. I had fails (I won’t scare you with these works). But I had some success: my dad hung some works in a frame at home.


The most important thing my first marathon gave me was the realization that I can. That is mine. I just need to work, study and everything will work out.

Then was the second marathon about movie La La Land. I still haven't watched it (ooops!). I used art markers, very interesting experience. 

I did the third marathon partially, as I found out about it late and didn’t set myself the goal of doing each challenge. This was marathon named Crocodile Day, which is held by the amazing illustrator Elina Ellis.

There I made several works that are now included in my portfolio and which I love. For example, this snail is my favorite illustration. I call her Mrs Snail Croissant.

And this is my first digital illustration. And I love it no less.

I really liked it, and want to repeat it.


What marathons have you participated in or are participating in? Which do you advise? What time limits do you like? Every day, week or month? A month later, I would have forgotten, probably that I should draw something))))


I’m Waiting, waiting, waiting for your answers.


Best regards,

Katya Zolina