My quarantine

How does my life (and my family's life) work in insulation? To be honest, I thought it would be worse. Two little children closed at home. But no.


So what we have: a family of four - mom (that's me), dad, Sasha (5.5 years old) and Deoma (3.5 years old) in the same apartment together. The husband works full time in a separate room. I work where it's possible and when it's possible.


So i found some advantages and disadvantages of current situation of self insulation. Check with yours :-)



1) The children became friends, began to fight much less and always invent up some games together.


2) We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together (it's SO COOL). We'are sharing our time together, discussing day plans.


3) Husband with peanuts began to cook breakfast sometimes. Good for me.


4) My children and I got hold of our small garden (which will soon move to the balcony).  


5) We all do exercises every morning


6) Several times a week in the evenings, we watch cartoons (or children movies)


7) We began to improve our nutrition. Fruits and vegetables all day, less meat and sweets, wine is now only once a week)))


8) We are modernizing the house and completing repairs. Hope this is the finish. May holidays - and everything is done!


9) There was almost no wasted time: travel time, watching TV, sticking on the phone. We are always busy with more important things.


10) I am desperately experimenting in the kitchen. Even baked gluten-free, delicious cupcakes.


11) I actively do all sorts of face masks and so on, which has never been enough time before.


12) I read a lot of all kinds of educational literature.


13) And I also go to the forest early in the morning. There are no people on the street yet. I can’t imagine what else could have kicked me out for a run at 7 in the morning. But the silence and the birds delight me.


Now the cons:


1) Quite an obvious, insurmountable minus - we are getting fatter, even children. Despite sport and proper nutrition. But I generally count calories all day.


2) I was deprived of my workplace, I wind up with my computer and my paints back and forth. But I decided to get up at 6 in the morning and work while everyone was sleeping. And in children's sleep. Difficult, but I try.


3) There is a lot of cooking: from morning to evening. My boys love to eat, my husband and I also do not lag behind. I want variety, but the fantasy no longer wants to become more active.


4) I do not have enough privacy. I like to be alone, especially when I draw.


5) We spend a lot of money on online purchases. Hopefully this will pass soon.


6) We want to walk outside a lot and for a long time. And a picnic.


7) But the main problem of this insolation -  We do not see our relatives - we miss them terribly, we worry about them very much. 


There are far fewer minuses than pluses.

Of course, I'm just about self-isolation, and not about the reasons for this self-isolation. What is happening in the world now, will not be outweghted by any advantages.

We are still getting used to the regime. But someday we have to wean it.


What are your main changes related to isolation?            Did anything match mine?