11 steps to draw a mouse

Bonjour everybody!


In this post I tell you how to draw a mouse only in 11 steps. You can use any materials you want: pencils, watercolors, gouache and even oil.


So how will it look?



Starting out here                                                   --->

ending ... here.

So follow the process:





Draw a figure.


I drew an oval. You can choose a circle, square, rectangle, trapezoid. Or repeat after me.



Add legs. 


Just draw them thin or fat, straight or crooked.



Add hands. 


Try to draw very simple.



Add cute belly.


Don't forget a belly button :-)



Add ears.


You can make them big, or small, with sharp tips or not. 



Add a face.


Big or small eyes, nose long or short. And a smile.





Color your mouse.


As you see I forgot to add a tail before. So I've added it on this step. I'm always forgetting about the tails!


You can choose any color you want. Just try to make a contrast in ears, legs, hands and belly. Oh, and a tail. You see! Always forgetting!



Add the shadows.


Add the shadows in next places: on ears, under the mouth, on arms below, lower belly, on the sides, internal part of its legs and on the feet.


Oh, don't forget the tail.


The colors: you can choose black, brown, dark grey. Or you can do the light shadow with the same color you draw, but increase color intensity in shadow places.





Add the highlights.


Add translucent white: on top of ears, on top of nose, on elbows, on belly, on feet and on tail bends (you see, I don't forget about the tail!)



It's almost the end. Just two more steps left. 


STEP 10.


Add accessoires. 


Add the character to your mouse. For example, my mouse is business mouse. I added a watch, tie, teeth and eyebrows.

STEP 11.


Add the shadows.


This step you've already known. Put the shadows from the accessories: under the tie, on the top of teeth and behind them, under the watch, and under the eyebrows.


You DID it!

So show me your result!


Upload to Instagram with hashtags #zolina_mouse. I'll comment all your works! Good luck!