5 rules how to draw with children?

As usual. Always the same. The shoemaker's family goes barefoot.

I love to draw. I do it everyday for many hours. 

My children love to draw. Especially with paints ( Of course, children paints). But… do I draw with my children? Do I teach them how to draw?


Honestly, I don’t know why I always run out of time for that.



But sometimes it happens. Even with group of children. 


And what do I see? Everyone is trying so hard. Trying to draw correctly. And they are so sad when their results aren’t the same as mine. Of course, they don’t care about difference between 33 years old adults and 5 years old children. And…

Here is my turn. My teacher mission is to liberate them to draw as they want. No words «not right, wrong, bad, ugly»… Creativity does no need to be limited. In children especially. Specially by limited adults (we can’t know everything!). Otherwise they will grow with frameworks we gave to them. It’s not about art at all.


But , like any adult, I tried to teach them. It seemed to me that I would help them so. But they didn’t want to repeat after me. Thank you, my clever boys! They listen to me when I teach them something they are ready to learn. And  in the end our nervous system isn’t damaged. At all. Everyone is happy with the results. Do not tear the paper, feeling imperfection, but enjoy their uniqueness.


You just need to listen to them. Yes, very easy.

Below are a 5 rules that will help you achieve harmony in drawing with children.



Let your child express himself. You can only suggest, don't teach. You know that there is no reason to enter into the inspiration process.


It's art of my 3-years old son. He is just like painting. My task in that case: watch he doesn't paint everything in the room. 


2) Explain them the easiest way to draw ( Don't say the word "easy"), if you child wants to draw something special

For example: he want's to draw a leopard. You should remember with him that leopard has 4 legs, tail and spots.

 Here is the work of my 5-years old son. There are 8 animals at the picture. Find leopard, fox, bird. Who is the other 5 animals?  


3) Turn the drawing into the game

In russian kindergartners usually the educators ask to bring different drawing for exhibition wall. For example, letter to Santa (in Russia it's Father Frost). They want the children draw it with parents. Because the educators are competing in which group the best drawings. Of course, children are programmed to do something amazing and beautiful, what the teacher told them to draw. 

But at home they can't or don't want to draw what they need to draw. Here you can use a game.

We drew snowflakes because Santa could melt. Or birds that could come to our bird feeder in winter time.


4)  Let him choose the colors yourself


Don't forbid him to make the sun purple and the giraffe green. Don't spoil his fantasy. He knows that sun is yellow and orange. His colors is his game, his inspiration and his freedom. Remember it!


My son like to draw with different colors. Do I like it??? NOOOOOOO. It's too much for me. But it's his picture. Not mine. He is a boss.


5) Use different techniques and materials.


You child can combine everything in one drawing. No rules. 
Chalk, paints, pencils, plasticine, glue and paper. What else? Be sure, your child will find a lot of things he can use. 


ADVICE: if you are the art connected person you just can watch your children and use their inventions.


What conclusion have I made for myself? It concerns not only drawing, but most part of children activities. Do not put a framework - the child himself will come to you for knowledge.

And in the end, he will teach you what you yourself would not have thought of.