My first Calendar


      In the end of last year (beginning of December) I was suggested to draw a calendar for yoga club. It was first experience both for me and for the client. Actually I have other plans for December, but I didn’t even think and said «Yes» immediately  I had one week to draw 12 illustrations (for each month) and a cover. Of course, OF COURSE for now I would do everything in other way. But then THE IDEA appeared in my head and I had only one option - take a brush and draw. I didn’t have time to think.


     It was a lot of fun. I was drawing day and nignt. But the main problem was that the client lives in the other part of our huge country. I worked in St. Petersburg (Western Russia) and the client was on Sakhalin (Island near Japan). The time difference is 8 hours. So we had 1-2 hours in the morning to discuss our calendar. 


  So the task: there should be a rat (the symbol of 2020 year), new to yoga, coming to different animals-guru to learn their asanas. 


  So here is a cover. There is a logo of the yoga club «Lotos», but with rat in the middle. In original, there are man and woman.


And the 12 months...

     There are the framed names of asanas on each page. In Russian. But it doesn't help me to understand the asana. But when I see the animal and the pose only then I understand how to practice it. 


     So now I have some questions to you:

                                                     1.   What is your favorite picture? 

            2.  Do you like yoga? Do you practice?

                                                                                        3.  What is your favorite asana?


     In the end I show you printed calendar with my favorite asana. Love the rat here: so hardworking...